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2016 Panini Honors NFL review


What you get:

- 10 Box Case

- 1 Pack Per Box

- 3 Cards Per Pack

- 2 Autographs Per Box

- 1 Numbered Base Card Per  Box


Product highlight – Autograph cards come in a one-touch magnetic case with a Panini seal.


When the announcement first came out for the product and I saw the previews, the first thing that stuck out, were the Brady & Manning Contenders RC autos.  That was definitely an attention getter.  Beyond that, the product had a feel of some of the previously failed attempts at this sort of thing.  Does Replay ring any bells? Other products have done “Buy-Back” cards but I never was big on those.  Kudos to those who jumped on the Leaf wagon that love those, but for me personally, it just wasn’t my bag, baby.  I had several questions about this product before seeing it in-hand versus on video or in pictures. As with most things in life, a card looks substantially better/worse when you hold it personally than when you see it in a picture or on video. Would these cards look cheesy?  Did Panini rush to release this product and not do their due diligence to provide a quality product?  Will there be any creativity with this or will it just be “blah”?


Fast forward to April of 2017 and I am getting ready to start our group case break for this.  Over time I had heard several people’s opinions (some positive and some very negative) and I had decided to go into this break with a completely open mind.  What I had been hearing was that people weren’t happy with cards that had been previously issued and stamped with a sequential number, brought back in, autographed and then hand numbered.  How confusing/sloppy to have a stamped number and a hand written number. Our first box was opened and there lay two magnetic one-touch cases with cards being held in place by the cardboard slots built so cleverly to keep them in place.  The first card I removed was a Junior Seau Auto that was hand numbered /99.  I didn’t inspect the card overly close at first but I did catch that there were no stampings on the front of the card with sequential numbering. The 2nd card was a redemption that also arrived in a one-touch.  Skip to box number #3 of the case and this is where I got really excited.  The first card happened to be a card that I personally enjoyed, Frenchy Fuqua autograph that was hand numbered /68.  Card number 2 turned out to be a Brett Favre Patch/Auto hand numbered 1/1!  WOW!  What a thing of beauty.  Let’s just say that this case turned out to be pretty awesome as we saw autos from Emmitt Smith, LaDainian Tomlinson, Steve Smith Sr other veterans/legends and some solid rookies as well.


After pulling autos of some great players both past and present, it was apparent that our case was loaded.  Obviously not all cases are stacked like that.  So let’s get to the “meat” of the issue here, the quality of the cards themselves.  After further inspection when the case break was completed and I had wiped off all of my drool from the one-touch cases, I noticed some immediate facts about these cards that are undeniable.  They are UNCIRCULATED.  What does that mean?  That means that these cards aren’t your typical “buy-back” cards.  A “buy-back” is when a company buys cards back that have been pulled from a product is previous years, they add a stamping, an auto or just make a slight modification to the card and then repackage the card.  This creates a lower quality card quite often as the card has been handled a lot and risks potential damage.  You will also find cards like this that are double numbered.  By that I mean they have a machine stamped sequential number from the original release, plus a hand numbering or sometimes even a second machine stamped sequential number for the re-release.  This is the “cheesy” look we spoke of earlier.  “Uncirculated” means just like it sounds. It was never released into the general public previously.  So what Panini did was they took cards that never hit the packs before and were never sent in for stamping, embossed the cards with “Recollection” to ensure a difference in the original release, had the athletes sign the card, had them hand sequentially numbered (whether it was numbered by the athlete or by Panini, I can’t confirm) and then put the cards in a one-touch magnetic case then SEALED said cases with a Panini authentic seal to eliminate possible tampering.  That right there won me over for this product.


Panini took a big gamble on this product and I think once people finally realize how much better Honors was than previous attempts in this category, the value will only rise. As a Breaker, business owner and a 30 year card collector, I have to say that Panini threw up a 60 yard Hail Mary and came down with the jump ball to win the game. Go and see for yourself about the quality of the Recollection Collection cards and I’m positive you will agree.


- Ryan Samuelson